These are the recent and upcoming Treasure Data releases, features, and improvements. Submit any product feature requests to

Workflow Project Editor in Modal

Treasure Data has improved the editing and viewing experience of TD Workflow in the Workflow Project Editor by replacing the underlying ACE editor with Monaco Editor. With this change, our customers can experience superior inbuilt functionality provided by Monaco Editor. The Workflow Project Editor launches in a modal on TD Console with increased editing space to view and make changes. The modal also offers easier navigation between files and the ability to compare files in a split-pane view. Using the split view of the modal editor, users can now view older revision files along with the latest revision, to compare, make changes, and debug as needed. Learn more about the Workflow Project Editor.

Data Connectors Released

Braze Export Integration

This new connector sends a list of targeted end-users of the customer. In Braze, you can then configure ads to the targeted list that Treasure Data sent to Braze. Additionally, you can opt-out (delete end users from the existing list).

Learn more about Braze Export Integration.

GA Releases

Airship Import and Export Integrations

Airship is a platform for customer engagement, lifecycle marketing, analytics, and data solutions. It can help you activate and engage your customers by providing notifications and messaging solutions, targeting, and campaign management tools. With these GA releases, you can upload contact list content to new and existing Airship static lists to activate via channels or devices supported by Airship with the export integration. You can also use the import integration to ingest user-level data and reporting data from Airship including named users, existing pipelines, static lists, device reports, custom events reports, experiment reports, opt-in & opt-out reports, response lists, time in-app reports, and web response report.

Salesforce DMP Krux Export Integration Kaizen

Salesforce DMP Krux helps collect and unify data from digital interactions across devices and use it to better understand your customers, for better marketing experiences. It unifies consumer data from first and third-party sources and algorithmically determines personas that best define a brand’s audience.

TD supports the export of the following data columns:

Learn more about Salesforce DMP Krux Export Integration

OneTrust Input Connector

Ingest your end-users' consents from OneTrust to update your segments to build the best experience for them. Learn more about OneTrust Input.

Google Ads Remarketing Output Integration Kaizen

Google has rebranded Google AdWords to Google Ads. You can export user profiles, such as email or phone numbers, directly into Google Ads Remarketing user list by leveraging this integration. Execute your TD SQL query job results to upload CRM data in bulk, and append or remove data to a Google Remarketing user lists. You can export the data for the userId column and you can remove users from existing segments.

Learn more about Google Ads Remarketing Output.

Updates and Customer Support

Custom Scripts

Anaconda-based docker images will no longer be offered as a runtime framework for Python custom scripts in workflows. This framework is no longer supported due to changes in the Anaconda licensing model and low adoption of these images by our customers.

td-client-ruby v1.0.8 release

This latest version has been released to improve client error handlings.

TD Javascript SDK v2.5.2 Release

The TD JavaScript SDK v2.5.2 release improves the Fetch td_global_id function behavior when the "Block all cookies" mode setting is used in a browser. This improvement avoids unnecessary DOMExceptions.

Subscribe to Treasure Insights

Treasure Insights added a new notification component “Insights (beta)” to each of the supported regions (US, Tokyo, EU, and Korea) to our status page.

In order to keep up to date with the availability of this product, we recommend all present and future beta customers to head on to our Status page and either subscribe to the “Insights (beta)” component for the region they use or to all components in the region by subscribing to the region itself.

Learn more about the process to subscribe by contacting Support.

Presto Write Queries: Default Partitioning Time Updated

Treasure Data has updated the default partitioning for Presto queries from 1 hour to 1 day. Based on overall platform metrics, we found that previous 1h partitioning was too fine for most of the queries. Increasing it to one day helps write(CTAS/INSERT INTO) and read(SELECT) queries since the number of files handled by query execution would reduce by an order of magnitude. There is a possibility that some queries might benefit from a different partition time setting for those queries the default partitioning time can be overridden using a magic comment --set session query_max_execution_time = '1h'  

Adding New Parameter to Database Endpoints

Treasure Data is adding a new parameter in both the request and response of the following endpoints.

GET /v3/database/show/:database_name?require_permissions=true

GET /v3/database/list?require_permissions=true 

The new parameter is part of the upcoming improvements to our PBP feature.  If you would like to enable this new feature in PBP at that time, contact Support. This change will not have any impact to the current behavior of said endpoints.

Upcoming Data Connector Releases

Oracle Netsuite Bronto Output Integration BETA

Bronto Marketing Platform helps marketers save time and deliver better brand experiences. Deliver more relevant and consistent brand experiences by providing increased visibility into commerce data, improving campaign ROI measurement, optimizing email delivery, accelerating eCommerce platform integrations, and enabling faster product enablement. 

You can now send the list of contacts from TD in order to add/update/remove contacts into Bronto via SOAP API.

MS Dynamics 365 Sales Import Integration BETA

Empower digital sales organizations with modern remote collaboration capabilities for exceptional teamwork and frictionless engagement. Find and build stronger relationships. Improve productivity and performance. Get a single view of customers.

You can use the import integration to ingest contact data and transactional data (including quotes, sales orders) from MS Dynamics 365 to TD.

Salesforce Pardot Output Integration BETA

In order to customize a marketing campaign in Pardot, this connector allows you to create or import prospects from your segment in TD to Pardot. Also, you can create and update the list membership to assign your prospects to.