Treasure Data is excited to introduce an enhanced and more intuitive TD Console interface with improved and new features enabling you to gain deeper insights into your customers more quickly and efficiently. The first phase of the new TD Console includes Audience Studio.

TD Console (v5) has a new visual design and offers several new and enhanced features.

Audience Studio

Nested Folders with Granular Permissions

Nested folders offer flexible organization controls. Large volumes of data and application assets can be organized into multi-nested folders by categories such as geographical markets, brands, and business functions. Granular permissions can be set for each folder to ensure security. 

Easier Navigation and Segmentation Capabilities

The Segment Editor provides an easier navigation experience enabling easier discovery of behaviors and attributes, better usability for building segment rules and rule sets and advanced match logic for custom rules.  Additional new features offer using custom time columns during the creation of attribute and behavior filters, creating custom attribute groupings, and the ability to create test groups in a segment using A/B Testing.


In addition to the ability to create multiple stages to track where your customers are in the purchasing process, Funnels has built in dashboards so you can quickly analyze total profiles and growth rates within a funnel and also within a particular stage.

Enhanced Insights in Predictive Scoring

Creating a predictive scoring model is now more intuitive and provides more enhanced insights.

Localization in Japanese and Korean

Translation into Japanese and Korean is also available by using a dropdown menu to switch between languages.