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New Product Documentation Site

Treasure Data is excited to announce the launch of our new product documentation site, The move to this new site enables much better SEO capabilities, navigation, and visual design, creating a more enhanced experience for our customers. As our content grows, we continue to make improvements to reflect customer feedback.

As of February 1, 2021, we will no longer be updating the old documentation site, and it will be deprecated shortly thereafter. All of the same content can be found in the new space, using the search function. 

You can easily move between both spaces by using the dropdown at the top of the page.

If you have any questions, contact

pytd 1.4.0 Released

pytd 1.4.0 has been released. The latest version deprecates support for (Py)Spark 2.x and Python 3.5 support, and migrates users to Spark 3.x and Python 3.8, respectively. SparkWriter now must be run with Spark 3.x. For more information see the changelog.

Data Connectors Released

Salesforce Marketing Cloud ExactTarget Export Integration Improvement

Treasure Data can publish user segments into Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget), and enable you to send personalized emails to your customers. You can run data-driven email campaigns, by using your first-party data from Web, Mobile, CRM, and other data sources.

This improvement provides the ability for the primary key to be a text field.

For more information, see  Salesforce Marketing Cloud ExactTarget Export Integration.

Facebook Lead Ads Import Integration Improvement

Treasure Data now supports ingesting leads at an ad account level. Users can enable guess schema or manually define the import database schema to accumulate all form fields from different lead forms of an account. Learn more about this improvement at Facebook Lead Ads Import Integration.

Oracle Eloqua Export Integration BETA

You can write Treasure Data job results directly to your Eloqua contact records and custom objects. You use this integration and TD query jobs to add contacts to Eloqua Contact lists or add data to custom data objects (CDO).

This improvement allows data export to Eloqua Custom Data Objects.

Learn more about Oracle Eloqua Export Integration.

Facebook Conversion API Export Integration BETA

You can now regularly upload conversion events data to Facebook via its Conversion API so that event data can be matched against the performance of the running ad campaigns. Use these job results to measure how much your Facebook ads lead to real-world outcomes such as purchases, registrations, applications, or other web conversions.

Learn more at Facebook Conversions API Export Integration.

Granular Permissions for Authentications BETA

Treasure Data has enhanced its Policy-based permission (PBP) feature for authentications with fine-grained controls per authentication. Prior to this release, PBP for authentications allowed administrators to manage and assign permissions to authentications at a global level. The new enhancement adds granular permissioning capabilities that allow administrators to manage and assign permissions at an individual authentication level while still having the flexibility to assign authentication permissions at a global level.

Account owners and administrators can manage and assign authentication permissions through the TD Console or through APIs.

Contact your Treasure Data Customer Success representative to enable the feature.

Learn more about Policy-Based Authentications Permissions.

GA Releases

Treasure Data Android SDK Supports Android TV

Treasure Data Android SDK 0.5.0 now supports Android TV. With this SDK, you can import the events on your Android and Android TV applications into Treasure Data. Learn more about Android SDK.

Treasure Data iOS SDK Supports Apple TV

Treasure Data iOS SDK now supports Apple TV. With this SDK, you can import the events on your Apple and Apple TV applications into Treasure Data. Learn more about iOS SDK.

Data Connectors Coming in February

VTEX Import Integration Kaizen

This update supports a new mode to ingest Order Details. Now, detailed information including order items or shipping addresses, and more, can be ingested.

Learn more about VTEX Import Integration

SFTP Output Kaizen - Authentication with Open SSH 7.8 Private Key format

You can now grant access to upload or download files both to and from the SFTP server using the Open SSH 7.8 Private key for authentication.

Learn more about SFTP Output Kaizen