These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of June 2022.

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BETA Releases

Authentication UI for Google-related Integrations

Treasure Data has updated the UI for OAuth authentication for the following Google-related integrations:

When creating the authentication via OAuth for these integrations, a Google Sign-In button is now available for authentication as seen in the following example:

Treasure Data has also become an official certified partner of Google, so all Treasure Data customers can now use Google Customer Uploader (GCU). Learn more about Customer Match. 

Google Business Profile Import Integration

Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) helps businesses to connect with customers, not only to provide location information but also to get reviews from the customers. Previously, enterprise marketing professionals had to spend time keeping the location information accurate and collecting reviews from customers in order to get better insights into each location. Treasure Data has updated this integration to the latest API so your workflow continues seamlessly. 

Learn more about Google Business Profile Import Integration.

GA Releases

SSL Connection to MongoDB

Treasure Data has enabled the ability for clients to connect to their MongoDB instance using SSL for import integrations.

Learn more about MongoDB Import Integration.


Workflow Tagging

Customers have hundreds of workflows and it’s hard for them to discover, manage and protect the workflows. With this release, customers can attach resource tags to workflows and then search for those tags to quickly find specific workflows.

Learn more about Workflow Tagging.

Journey Orchestration - Decision Points and Merge (Beta)

TD Journey Orchestration's newest features, Decision Splits and Merge, allow marketers to send profiles on a personalized journey by splitting the journey path based on profile attributes and/or behaviors and then merge the split journey back together, respectively. 


The new version of JS SDK supports the ingestion of event-based data to improve security and removes ingestion bottlenecks. Upcoming enhancements include: