The Treasure Data Service Status Dashboard provides both current and historical information on our service status. The Status Page provides historical information of our service status.

In addition to uptime, services tracked on the page include the REST API response time, streaming levels, and incident reports.

From the Status Page, you can subscribe to outage and performance degradation event notifications via RSS, email, or SMS. It’s recommended for all paid users to subscribe to these events.

Viewing Service Status

You can view the Service Status Dashboard by direct link or from the TD Console.

Viewing Service Status Via Direct Link

Viewing Service Status in TD Console

  1. Open TD Console

  2. Navigate to Get Help

  3. Select System Status

  4. The System Status allows you to view uptime over the past 90 days. To view historical uptime and incidents, select View historical uptime. There, you can tab between incidents and uptime.

Service Categories

The status updates are organized into the following categories.