Arm Treasure Data can send user list data to DAC AudienceOne. You can make a user list in Treasure Data that targets a segment and then send the list to AudienceOne to use in your advertisement campaigns. Refer to AudienceOne webpage.


Required access information from AudienceOne

Treasure Data and AudienceOne have collaborated to ensure a secure data exchange. You must request access to the AudienceOne account on behalf of Treasure Data. Ask your AudienceOne account administrator for the following information:


To export data, you create or select an existing connection, create or reuse a query, and then run the query to export your user lists. You can use td_global_id lists as user lists.

Create or reuse a query

Query output should include following columns:

Create or select an existing AudienceOne connection


Task Steps


Create a connector

- Go to Connections.
- Click on the AudienceOne icon from Sources Catalog.
- Complete the required fields on the first pane.
- In the API Key field, enter the API Key you get from AudienceOne.

Next you complete the Configuration fields.

You don't have to modify Endpoint field.

Select a connector

- Go to Treasure Data console.
- Go to Query Editor.
- Access the query that you plan to use to export data.
- Click Output results. The Choose Saved Connection dialog opens.
- Type the connection name in the search box to filter and click the connection that you want.

Next you complete the Configuration fields.

You can also create a new connection from here by clicking on Create New Connection.

Creating a new connection:

Selecting an existing connection:

Configure the connection by specifying the parameters

After you select your AudienceOne connection, the Configuration dialog pane appears:

Execute the query

Either save the query with a name and then run the query or just run the query. When the query completes successfully, the result is automatically processed.