Kochava is a leading mobile attribution and analytics platform. You can ingest data from Kochava to Treasure Data, by using Kochava’s postback mechanism. For more information, see Kochava: Network & Publisher Integrations.

This topic includes:

Tracker Setup

Here’s a link to Kochava’s support documentation regarding tracker setup from the advertiser’s perspective:

You will then be provided with a unique tracking URL. This tracking URL will include all macros integrated into the template and will look like this:

Select the URL https://control.kochava.com/v1/cpi/click?campaign_id=sample&network_id=3703&device_id=device_id&site_id=treasuredata

Select the URL https://control.kochava.com/v1/cpi/click?campaign_id=sample&network_id=3704&device_id=device_id&site_id=treasuredata

Postback Setup

You will then set up a postback to Treasure Data’s endpoint through Kochava’s UI. The fields provided will automatically adhere to the template. Here’s a link to the documentation:

Destination URL is like following:


You create a query in Treasure Data to track the events coming in. It might take a few minutes before events are logged in Treasure Data.