Treasure Data can publish user segments into LiveRamp, and syndicate user segments into various DSP, DMP, Data Providers.

LiveRamp is an identity resolution platform with services include data on-boarding, and the transfer of offline data online for marketing purposes. LiveRamp allows you to anonymize Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and unify customer data from various sources.

Enhance the run of your data-driven marketing campaigns by using data that is gathered and housed in Treasure Data with LiveRamp to both anonymize your user segment data and increase the reach of your advertising campaigns, with more accurate targeting. 

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This topic includes:

Anonymize and Enhance Your Treasure Data Segments with LiveRamp

LiveRamp offers ID unification and activation to multiple marketing and advertising applications. You can use Treasure Data with LiveRamp to do the following before exporting out to LiveRamp activation partners:

Treasure Data also offers direct activation to six LiveRamp partners.

Treasure Data to LiveRamp

To upload an ID list with PII info in a segment to LiveRamp, you can upload the PII data to Treasure Data and LiveRamp. Then, you can use Treasure Data to create a target segment on Treasure Data. When this segment is exported to LiveRamp, it uses the UserID to update the profile with the segment behaviors and attributes and anonymizes it using IdentityLink.

You can send job results and user segment data directly from Treasure Data to LiveRamp SFTP server. Export data in csv format with gz extension.

Cookie Syncing

Cookie syncing between your website, Treasure Data and LiveRamp is available through LiveRamp’s support of a pixel tag. Customers can add a snippet to send to LiveRamp through their pixel tag. It should be formatted as td_xxx_id (using client_id or ssc_id or global_id). Additionally, customers need to send a cookie to TD via the JavaScript SDK. You can make a segment based on td cookies and then export the list to LiveRamp for cookie syncing.


Use the TD Console to Create your Connection

You can use the Treasure Data Console to configure your connection.

Create a Connection

  1. Navigate to Integrations Hub > Catalog. Search and select LiveRamp.

  2. The following dialog opens.

  3. Edit the required credentials: 
    Host: The host information of the LiveRamp SFTP Server (default
    Port: Dropdown 22 or 8442
    User: Username to connect to LiveRamp SFTP Server.
    Password: Password to connect to LiveRamp SFTP Server

  4. Select Continue and provide a name for your connection.

  5. Select Done.

Specify Output in Your LiveRamp Connector

  1. Open TD Console.

  2. Navigate to the Data Workbench > Queries.

  3. Select New Query.

  4. Select the database for which you would like to export data.

  5. Type your query into the query editor.

  6. You need to define the column mapping in the query the same as recommended headers in LiveRamp

  7. Select Export Results located at top of your query editor.

  8. The Choose Integration dialog opens.  Select an existing LiveRamp connection. If you do not have an Integration already set up, see "Creating a New Connection During Data Export".

  9. Specify the export details. Configure the connection by specifying the parameters.

  10. Select Done

Configure the Connection by Specifying the Parameters

Type the connection name in the search box to filter and select your connection.

After you select your LiveRamp connection, the Configuration or Export Results dialog pane appears:

Specify parameters. The parameters are as follows:

Optionally Use of Scheduled Jobs for Output

You can use Scheduled Jobs with Result Output, to periodically upload the file result LiveRamp SFTP Server.

Optionally Configure Export Results in Workflow

Within Treasure Workflow, you can specify the use of this data connector to output data.

timezone: UTC

    database: sample_datasets

  td>: queries/sample.sql
  result_connection: your_connection_name
    file_name: file_name
    include_date: true
    audience_name: audience_name
    retry_limit: 3
    timeout: 600

 Select here for more information on using data connectors in the workflow to export data.

Confirm Segment Was Created in LiveRamp

It is important to create a workflow element that confirms that the segment was created in LiveRamp before activating out to a partner.

Use the CLI to create your connection

Install Treasure Data Toolbelt

Install the Treasure Data Toolbelt.

For On-demand Jobs

Add the LiveRamp result output destination by using the 

$ td query -d mydb -w 'SELECT id, name FROM source_table' --type presto -r '{"type":"liveramp", "host":"", "port":22, "username":"owner", "password":"********", "file_name":"customer_list", "include_date":true, "audience_name":"audience_name", "retry_limit":3, "timeout":600}' 

For Scheduled Jobs

Add the LiveRamp result output destination by using the 

$ td sched:create every_3_days "0 0 */3 * *"-d mydb -w 'SELECT id, name FROM source_table' --type presto -r '{"type":"liveramp", "host":"", "port":22, "username":"owner", "password":"********", "file_name":"customer_list", "include_date":true, "audience_name":"audience_name", "retry_limit":3, "timeout":600}'