Metabase is an open source data collaboration and visualization platform. You can visualize your data from Treasure Data with Metabase. See for more detail about Metabase.
This topic includes:

Set up Metabase

See Metabase installation. This page describes a way to connect to Treasure Data Presto from Metabase with Mac OS X application.

Set up Presto connection

  1. Install Metabase.

  2. Navigate to the Databases page on the Admin menu.

  3. Click Add database.

You’ll see a list of database types.

4. Write down the following information based on your account:

After the connection is established, Metabase takes a look at the metadata of the fields in your tables and automatically assigns them a field type. Also, you’ll select one of three scan options in the Scheduling tab.

Review managing databases for more details.

5. If you’d like to sync your database manually at any time, click on it from the Databases list in the admin panel and click Sync on the right side of the screen.

You can see your table schema at View Schema after the schema load is completed.

6. Create a Native Query on New Question.

7. Specify a table by FROM <database_name>.<table_name>.