Treasure Data allows you to retarget your mobile audience using nend retargeting platform provided by F@N Communications, Inc. You can write job results directly to nend.

For sample workflows of nend, view Treasure Boxes.

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Use the TD Console to Create Your Connection

Create a New Connection

In Treasure Data, you must create and configure the data connection prior to running your query. As part of the data connection, you provide authentication to access the integration.

Open TD Console.
Navigate to Integrations Hub Catalog.
Search for and select nend.

Select Create Authentication.
Type the credentials to authenticate.

Type a name for your connection.
Select Done.

Define your Query

You have to set the result column name "uid".

After you execute your query, the Treasure Data query result is automatically imported into nend.

Integration Parameters for nend

Destination type

An identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is a random device identifier assigned by Apple to a user's device

Google advertising ID 

uuencoding is a form of binary-to-text encoding that originated in the Unix programs uuencode and uudecode written by Mary Ann Horton

Destination name

Initial retry delay5

Initial retry interval per API call in milliseconds

Retry limit4 The number of retries before the system gives up.



Output modes are ways to modify the data as the data is placed in Treasure Data.

  • Append (default): Records are appended to the target table.

  • Replace: Replaces data in the target table. Any manual schema changes made to the target table remain intact.

Optionally Schedule the Query Export Jobs

You can use Scheduled Jobs with Result Export to periodically write the output result to a target destination that you specify.

Optionally Configure Export Results in Workflow

Within Treasure Workflow, you can specify the use of this data connector to export data.

Learn more at Using Workflows to Export Data with the TD Toolbelt.