This article describes how to use Datorama with Treasure Data. Datorama supports Treasure Data natively.


Create a Data Stream

  1. Select the Data Streams parent tab and then the Data Streams child tab.

  2. Find Treasure Data under the Technical Vendors category and select the icon.

Then, specify your data stream Name, Data Stream Type, and Default Channel Name.

Then, you’ll set Connection Info from the dialog as follows:

Set each field:

Delivery Method


Connection String


Credentials - User


Credentials - Password




Select Validate. If it shows Success! dialog, your setup was succeeded.

Data Mapping

When you select Next, the Treasure Data SQL query executesand Datorama shows a list of columns of the result. In this screen, you map your original columns to Datorama’s global columns. With Datorama’s auto-mapping algorithm, some columns may be already mapped based on your previous mapping activities.

For the rest of the column, which is not mapped, you can manually map with global columns.

Select Save to finalize the mapping phase. If it shows an error like the following example, you must resolve these errors to proceed to the next phase.

Data Preview shows the actual records retrieved from Treasure Data inside Datorama.

Check if the records are correct.

Select Continue.

Your data is ingested into Datorama. It should show Processing Complete! message when it’s completed.