Learn more about HubSpot Export Integration.

You can import HubSpot objects into Treasure Data. In Treasure Data, you can integrate your data with your other data sources.



The incremental option is supported only for contacts, companies, and email_events object.

When using the incremental mode, only data within the past 30 days will be fetched.

Use TD Console

Create a New Connection

  1. Go to Treasure Data Connections and search and select HubSpot. The following dialog opens.

  2. Select an existing OAuth connection for HubSpot, or select the link under OAuth connection to create a new one.

Optionally Create a New OAuth Connection

  1. Log into your HubSpot account from the popup window:

  2. Grant access to the Treasure Data app:

    You are redirected back to Treasure Data Connections.

  3. Choose your new OAuth connection.

  4. Select Continue.

Create a New Transfer

After creating the connection, you are automatically taken to My Connections tab.

  1. Locate the connection you created.

  2. Select New Transfer.

  3. Complete the details. Fields vary depending on your target selection.

  4. Select Next.

  5. Specify your data settings. For example:

  6. Select Next.

  7. Optionally, select Preview Data. Or select Skip this step.
    For example a preview of your data might look like:

    For email_events mode, the preview data doesn’t reflect the actual data from your Hubspot account. The preview contains dummy data to show all the fields possible and the data type of those fields.
  8. Select Next.

  9. Specify Storage information. For example, the database and table where you want to transfer the data:

  10. Specify the schedule of the data transfer using the following dialog.

  11. Select Save or Save & Run Now.

The data transfer job information is listed in under Jobs.