This article supports Treasure Data (v5) Beta

You can easily control who can and cannot access folders and their data through Treasure Data's policies and permissions. Administrators need to configure folder permissions of a parent segment in Treasure Data V4.

How it Works

Folder-based permissions include two permission types:

Folder-based permissions characteristics:


If a user has Full Control permission for a parent folder, the user automatically gets Full Control permission for all the child folders. However, If an administrator assigns view permissions for one of the child folders to the user with another policy, the user still has Full Control permission for the child folders.

Administer Folder Permissions in Treasure Data

Log in to the TD Console (v4).
Navigate to Control Panel > Policies.
Select a policy.
Select the Permissions tab and scroll down to Audience Studio.
Select a master segment and then select Add.
To update the master segment, select the pencil icon to make edits.   

A pop-up displays all of the folders associated with the master segment.

Choose one of the following:
  • Set permissions for All Segment Folders (including child folders) in the selected segment.  

If you choose this option, the permissions are for all folders in both Treasure Data (v4) and Treasure Data (v5) for the same parent segment.

To set all folders for Treasure Data (v5), select the root folder.
Note: You cannot use the All Segment Folders option to select all folders in Treasure Data (v4). You must select each folder individually.

  • Select a folder and then set permissions. 
Select Save to apply your permissions.

The following table lists the actions enabled for permission.

Permissions OptionsDescription

Full Control

Create, read, update, and delete capabilities of a folder, all children folders, and all entities in any folder.

  • If the user does not have the Full Control permission of its parent folder; they cannot create a new sibling folder.
  • The user cannot grant permissions to other users; only a TD administrator can grant permissions.
ViewView the folder and have view access to folder entities.