This article supports Treasure Data (v5) Beta. 

Audience Studio is the interface for marketers to build the 360-degree view of their customers, divide those customers into segments, and activate those segments to downstream marketing systems.

Treasure Data ingests data from a variety of first-, second-, and third-party sources to unify data, resolve identities and build enriched, unified customer profiles. Actionable insights are created using AI & ML to identify high-value audiences, intent signals, and next-best actions. Marketing teams can engage and steer relevant customer journeys by using Audience Studio to segment audiences and activate insights into marketing campaigns.

Within Audience Studio, you can:

In Audience Studio, you can view your data as a parent segment. A parent segment is a set of individual users, products or businesses defined in the Data Workbench. After it is created in the Data Workbench, you can analyze the parent segment either as a group or on an individual profile level, and create targeted segments and journeys of that parent segment in the Audience Studio. You can then push highly personalized communications out to segments or design campaigns that accurately target segments.

Learn how to quickly set up your segments and organize them for maximum efficiency: