We have a new ODBC driver for working with Excel!

Install the Presto ODBC Driver instead of following these instructions.

Using Excel with Treasure Data allows users to interactively explore huge amounts of data.


  • Windows 7, 8.1, or later (Mac OS X is not supported)

  • Excel 2010, or later

Install ODBC Driver

Install Treasure Data ODBC Driver, and register to your machine. We’ll assume that you have DSN (Data Source Name) as Treasure Data in the following sections.

For Excel, set td-presto as the database name.

Set up the Connection from Excel to Treasure Data

Set up ODBC Connection

Open Excel and under the DATA section, click “From Other Sources”, and select “From Data Connection Wizard”.

Then, select “ODBC DSN”.

And, select “TreasureData (on your own DSNNAME)”.

Then, you can select your tables from the list.

Next, click Finish. An Import Data dialog pops up.

Import Data via ODBC Driver

When you import the data, you may choose a Table, a PivotTable Report, or a PivotChart

Set up the query to get data from Treasure Data via Properties.

The following picture shows data after selecting the PivotTable Report.

You may modify your query within Connection Properties.

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