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Open TD Console.
Navigate to Integrations Hub  Catalog.
Search for and select Microsoft Dynamic 365 Sales.

Select Create Authentication.


Type your MS Dynamics domain name. 
Choose one of the following authentication methods:
titleOAuth Authentication
  1. Select OAuth.
  2. Type the credentials to authenticate.
  3. Optionally, select Click here and log in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to grant consent
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  1. .
    1. Return Integrations Hub Catalog.
    2. Search for and select Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.
    3. Type the value of your Domain
    4. Select OAuth Authentication Method.
    5. Select your newly created OAuth connection
    6. Review the OAuth connection field definition. 

titleClient Credentials Authentication
  1. Select Client Credentials.

  2. Type the value of your Domain
  3. Type the value of your Tenant ID.
  4. Type the value of your Client ID.
  5. Type your Client Secret. 
Select Continue.
Enter a name for your connection.
Select Continue.