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Numbered Headings
 Select Export Results.

You can select an existing authentication or create a new authentication for the external service to be used for output. Choose one of the following:

Use Existing Integration      

Image Modified

Create a New Integration

(Optional) Specify information for Export to Amazon S3.

Is user directory Root?

If selected, the user directory is treated as the root directory.

(ex. ‘/home/treasure-data’ as ‘/’)

Path prefix:The file path where the file will be stored.
Rename file after upload finishIf selected, SFTP result output renames the file on the remote SFTP server from “.xxx.tmp” to “.xxx” after all the data is transferred.
Some MA tools try to import data when a file with a specific name exists on the SFTP server. The temp name option is useful for such cases.

The format of the exported files:

  • csv (comma separated)
  • tsv (tab separated) 

The compression format of the exported files:

  • None
  • GZ
  • bzip2
Header line?The header line with column name as the first line.

The delimited character:

  • Default
  • ,
  • Tab
  • |
Quote policy

The policy for a quote:

  • ALL
  • MINIMAL:  Add the quote character to only fields which contain delimiter, quote, or any of the characters in lineterminator.
  • NONE
Null string

How null value of the result of the query displays:

  • Default
  • empty string
  • \N
  • NULL
  • null
End-of-line character

The EOL (end-of-line) character:

  • CRLF
  • LF
  • CR
Temp filesize threshold

The maximum file size (in bytes) of a local temp file. When the temp file reaches the threshold, the file flushes to a remote file.

If you encounter the error `channel is broken`, reduce the value of this option to resolve the error.