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  • When incremental loading is enabled, the query issued to SAP Marketing Cloud contains the $filter statement. The $filter queries data for desired criteria
    • $filter will be is generated base based on the filter_column, start_time, and end_time config configurations
  • The first value received will be kept as a reference for the next job filter. The next job $filter excludes previous job data and fetches new data only.
  • The process repeats for subsequence executions.
  • When incremental loading enabled, if If the end_timevalue is empty (by default when incremental loading is enabled, it will automatically set to the time job is executed)
  • The filter_column should satisfy below the following conditions in metadata: 
    • Have Contain Type Edm.DateTimeOffset or Edm.DateTime
    • Have Contain Nullable="false"
    • Do Does not have contain sap:sortable="false" 
    • Do Does not have contain sap:filterable="false"
  • At this momentCurrently, incremental loading only support supports Timestamp columns(Edm.DateTimeOffset, and Edm.DateTime)
  • All record contains containing empty value for filter_column field will be ignored

Obtaining Communication User

  • The Communication User is defined in the SAP Marketing Cloud system (for example, INTEGRATION_TREASURE_DATA is username and password is xxxx). The username and password here will be used as basic authentication to get x-csrf-token.

  • The Communication System is created and set up here for this Communication User. Image Removed

    See guidelines here on how to set

    Learn more about SAP's Communication System setup.Image Added

  • Learn about setting up communication with Other Systems for SAP Marketing Cloud.

Use the TD Console to Create Your Connection