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Numbered Headings

After creating the authenticated connection, you are automatically taken to the Authentications listing page.

Search for the connection you created. 
Select New Source.
Type a name for your Source in the Data Transfer field.
Select Next.

The Source Table dialog opens.

Edit the following parameters:
DatastoreRequiredPlazma is the only option available now.
TagsOptionalTags can be used to find this source
DatabaseRequiredSpecify the database within Treasure Data for which you want to import data into.
TableRequiredSpecify the table within the database where you would like the data placed.
Authorization EndpointRequiredAuthenticate URL. The endpoint that you want to use to provide the authorization. 
Rest API EndpointRequiredThe Salesforce REST API endpoints.
Event CategoriesRequiredWithin event categories, you can add and specify as many event types as are necessary for your environment.
Event TypeRequired

 Events can be generated, triggered by the system, or initiated by user action.

Review the list of values and select event types that you want to monitor.

Select Create.


 Source Id should be treated with caution.

Data Preview 

  •  For streaming data, there is no preview.