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Permits Treasure Data to create an authentication to exchange data:

  • use_limited: adds a restricted set of authentications which include view and use permission to the user.
  • use: gives users permission for global view and use access to all authentications
  • owner_manage: gives users permission to create their own authentications as well as view, use, edit, and delete any authentication they created.
  • full: gives the user permission for global view, edit, use access to all authentications. 


After you’ve created a new authentication, you can create a new source specifying what kind of document you will use for the data.

This setting enables access permission on sources when authentication is accessible.

Accessible authentications depend on the Authentication permission you have.
For instance, if you have Authentications/use_limited, you can access sources created from only specified authentications.


In the latest version of Policy Based Permissions, sources:full becomes sources:restricted.


After you have created an authentication, you can set up queries or activations to export data to a specific location.

Use permission on all available destinations relies on your Authentications permission. 

Note: in

In the latest version of Policy Based Permissions, destinations:full becomesdestinations:restricted.

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A user's access to activations depends on the master segment owner’s authentication permissions and their own authentication access combined. Learn how Authentications Permissions Affect Activations in the Audience Studio.