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Currently this data connector is in Alpha. For more information, contact


  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data, including the TD Toolbelt.

  • A Eloqua account with API access enable.


Navigate to the query editor and enter your query . Click Output results

Note: The following query example does not match any real users and is for demonstration purposes only.


Choose Saved Connection

When you select Output results and click Done, the dialog Choose Saved Connection displays. Select an existing Eloqua connection, as shown, or follow the next step on how to create a new connection within the Sources Catalog.


Additional Configuration

After choosing the saved connection, you see an Additional configuration panel.


Note: Identifier field name is used to verify the existence of the contact, if the contact does not exist in Eloqua, then the contact is imported into Eloqua first then added to the specified contact list. 

2.3. Run the Query to Populate a Contact List

In TD Console, in the query section, run the query to import the results into Eloqua using the connector.