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In Treasure Data, you must create and configure the data connection, to be used during export, prior to running your query. As part of the data connection, you provide authentication to access the integration.

  1. Open the TD Console.

  2. Navigate to the Integrations Hub >  Catalog.Search for and select Dotdigital.> Catalog.

  3. Click the search icon on the far-right of the Catalog screen, and enter dotdigital.
  4. Hover over the dotdigital connector and select Create Authentication.Image Added
  5. The New Authentication dialog opens.

    Image Modified
  6. Select your Region. The API User Name and API User Password fields auto-populate.

  7. Select Continue.

  8. Enter a name for your connection.

  9. Select Done. 


Type the required credentials for your new dotdigital connection. Set the following parameters.




Export Mode


There are two different ways to move data:

  • Transactional Email (default). Trigger send emails for the triggered campaign in Dotdigital: send one email for each record.

  • Bulk Contacts: Upload records as contacts to Dotdigital.

Campaign ID


The ID of the triggered campaign.

JSON Personalization Columns


The JSON columns names, separated by commas.

Ignore Invalid Records


Ignore invalid records and complete the job.

Address Book ID


Address book ID to add contacts.

Add to Address Book


Add to address book.

Merge Option


The following merge options are available:

  • None (default). Do not merge.

  • Update All. Update all data fields - update_all

  • Ignore Blank. Ignores the blank values in query result set - ignore_blank

  • Skip Existing Non-Empty Fields. Do not update data fields that contain values - skip_fields

Sample Configuration

Example of a Query to Populate Dotdigital