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  1. Look for the connection you created and select New Source. Edit the following fields.


The type of object that you want to transfer from Shopify such as products, customers, transactions, orders, inventory, and metafields. The following list identifies supported elements:

  • Objects

    • inventory level

    • inventory_items

    • location

  • Order status

    • open

    • closed

    • canceled

    • any

  • Metafields resource

    • product

    • customer

    • order

    • online_store

    • shop

  • Product resource objects

    • product

    • product_variant

    • product_image

    • collection

  • Order resource objects

    • order

    • draft_order

  • Online_store resource objects

    • blog

    • article

    • page

IncrementalLoad data into Treasure Data incrementally. This selection enables the Incremental field.
Incremental field

The data field used to sort the objects. There are two options: created_at and updated_at.

Data type

The data field used to sort the metadata objects. There are two options: created_at and updated_at.

Start date

The defined Defining the 'start_date' allows you to select only objects that have been created or updated since the 'start_date'. This field is dependent on the Incremental the Incremental field.
When incremental is set to false, created_at is considered as the Start date target when you import from products, customers, transactions, orders object

Use precise 'End date'

Specify the End date or leave blank.

Number of days to fetchSpecify how many days, starting from the 'start_date,' that you want to fetch data.
End date

Specify a date by which objects have been updated:

  • If End date is not specified, all the objects up to now are retrieved.

  • If Start time and End time can be combined to specify a specific period, from 'start_date' until 'end_date'.

Inventory Item IDsA list of inventory_ids.
Location IDsA list of location_ids.
Updated at

The time in which `inventory_level` objects have been updated_at, from a specified time until present.

Fetch all customer's metafields

Download all customer's metafields

2. Preview your data. To make changes, select Advanced Settings, otherwise select Next.