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There are several interfaces found in the TD Console. Understanding where each interface is located and how to use them will allow you to understand more about what you can achieve with your Treasure Data CDP. The four main areas of the TD Console are seen in the following image.

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Global Navigation

In this menu, you can navigate to each of the following main sections of the TD Console: Integrations Hub, Data Workbench, Audience Studio and Jobs along with help and admin sections.

Local Navigation

This menu allows you to move within each of the main sections of the Global Navigation areas, for example, Queries or Workflow within the Data Workbench.

To save visible space for working within the TD Console, the navigation pane is collapsible.

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This is the area where you will find options for viewing, editing, querying and analyzing your TD Console sources and tasks.

Action Button

For each section, you will find action buttons in this area that allow you to start new actions such as creating queries or batch segments.

TD Console Global Navigation

The Global Navigation menu of the TD Console looks like this:

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Integrations Hub

This is where you set up your data connections and import that data in bulk from various data sources.