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Numbered Headings
Open TD Console.
Navigate to Integrations Hub  Catalog.
Search for and select Google Analytics.

Select Create Authentication.

Choose one of the following authentication methods:
titleJSON Key

Enter the View ID and JSON key information.

Make sure that you include the private key of the service account. Make sure that the entire JSON key information is in brackets {…}.

  1. Locate and open the JSON file that you downloaded from the Google Cloud Platform in your favorite text editor.  For example:
  2. Type your View ID. For example:
  3. Select Continue.


  1. Select OAuth.
  2. If you know the OAuth connection type it, otherwise you can make the selection to connect a new account.
  3. If you chose to connect a new account, you are taken through a series of screens where you select the account to link and specify that you are OK granting access to that account by Treasure Data. 
    You are then returned to  Authentications in TD Console.
  4. Search for and select Google Analytics.

  5. Select OAuth. 
    Your account should show in the Authentication connection field. For example:
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  6. Type your View ID. For example:
  7. Select Continue.

Enter a name for your connection.
Select Done.