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For sample workflows on importing data from files stored in an S3 bucket, go to the Treasure Box on Github.


An update to provide support for AssumeRole is coming in Spring 2022.

Table of Contents


  • Bucket: your_bucket

  • Path Prefix: logging/

  • Path Regex: .gz$ (Not Required)

  • Start after path: logging/E231A697YXWD39.2017-04-23-15.b2aede4a.gz (Assuming that you want to import the log files from 2017-04-23-16.)

  • Incremental: true (if you want to schedule this job.)

BZip2 decoder plugin is supported as default. Zip Decoder Function

Data Settings

  1. Select Next.
    The Data Settings page opens.

  2. Optionally, edit the data settings or skip this page of the dialog.