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  • Advertiser ID (required): Your advertiser ID.

  • Select host name (required): Use the host name closest to the location of users targeted by your campaign. Default TOK (Tokyo)

  • Recency targeting (optional): Recency targeting (optional): A UTC timestamp by which a user, who qualifies for your target audience, is tagged. Omitting this field assumes the user was put into the segment as soon as The Trade Desk processed the data. Alternatively you specify a date and time by which a user is eligible for the data segment. Specify a timestamp in UTC. The format is: yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm. MM represents month (not minute), HH represents 24 hours (not 12). Default : blank

  • Data remains active in a duration of (required): Specify the length of time that a user remains active, as relative to Recency targeting; when the time expires, the data is not used for targeting.  Specify Specify the Time-to-live (TTL) in minutes.  The The time can't be more than 43200 mins (30 days). Minimum time recommended is 2880 mins(48 hours).

  • Max records per batch request (optional): Max Number of records to upload in each batch. Default: 1000

  • Sleep Per API request in Milliseconds (optional): The time, in milliseconds, that the system sleeps for each request. Default : 5000, which is equivalent to 5 seconds.

  • Retry Limit (optional): Number of retries before the system gives up. Default: 7.

  • Initial retry time wait in milliseconds (optional): The time, in milliseconds, between the first and second attempt. Default: 30000, which is equivalent to 30 seconds.

  • Max retry wait in milliseconds (optional): The time, in milliseconds, between the second and all subsequent attempts. Default: 120000, which is equivalent to 2 minutes.

  • HTTP Connect Timeout (optional): The time, in milliseconds, HTTP connect timeout. Default: 60000, which is equivalent to 1 minutes.

  • HTTP Read Timeout (optional): The time, in milliseconds, HTTP read timeout. Default: 300000, which is equivalent to 5 minutes.

  • Fail job if there are invalid records (optional): If selected, the job fails when invalid records are found during uploading. Default: unchecked