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Treasure Data allows a single unique email per region. If your company requires multiple accounts, for example, for production and development or if you are a systems integrator and need to maintain multiple accounts, follow the Adding Multiple Users guidelines.

Table of Contents

Add a New User

To add new users to Treasure Data, you send the user an invitation to join. You invite new users on an individual basis. You must be an account owner or administrator to invite a new user to your account.

  1. Open TD Console.

  2. Navigate to the Control Panel.

  3. In the Administration panel, select Users.

  4. Select Actions > Add User.

  5. Select Add User.

  6. Type the email address for the user and select Invite.

  7. If the user already exists but is not visible in your list of users, you receive a message indicating that the invitation is already pending for the user.

The Treasure Data system sends an email to the user with a link for them to accept.

Adding Multiple Users

If you use default email/password authentication, Treasure Data CDP prohibits adding the same user email to the same region. For example, if you create “” ” in the US region, Treasure Data CDP prohibits you from adding “” to another account in the US region. If you have a development account and production account in the same region, we recommend the following: “”. Additionally, check if your email service provider supports an alias. If not, we recommend using a mailing list instead of the alias.