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When you configure a data connection, you provide authentication to access the integration. In Treasure Data, you configure the authentication and then specify the source information.

    1. Open the TD Console.

    2. Navigate to the Integrations Hub

    >  CatalogSearch for and select MailPublisher.
    1. > Catalog.

    2. Click the search icon on the far-right of the Catalog screen, and enter Mailpublisher.
    3. Hover over the MailPublisher connector and select Create Authentication.
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    4. The following dialog opens.

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    5. Complete the new connection information, providing your MailPublisher Smart credential.

      • MailPublisher Smart Site ID (required): This is your MailPublisher Smart Site ID.

      • MailPublisher Smart Login ID (required): This is

      • service

      • specific Login ID.

      • MailPublisher Smart password (required): This is

      • password for

      • above Login ID.

      • Retry limit (optional, default 7): Number of retries before the connector stops trying to connect and send data out

      • Maximum intervals in milliseconds between retries (optional, default to 120000) : Maximum time in milliseconds between

      • retrying attempts.

      • Initial intervals in milliseconds between retries (optional, default 15000): Interval to retry if a recoverable error happens (in

      • millisecond).

        • MailPublisher Smart announces minimal retry interval time should be 15 sec (15000 ms).

      • Timeout (optional, default to 100000) : Timeout for each HTTP request in milliseconds.

Name Your Connection

  1. Type a name for your connection.

  2. Select Done.