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These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of August 2021.

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Beta Releases

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Streaming Import Integration BETA

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is a marketing automation solution that helps marketers with email, mobile, social, and online marketing automation. Treasure Data now offers this integration to stream SFMC events such as email send, email open, email click or sms send, sms not send actions, in real-time into the TD CDP.

Learn more at Salesforce Marketing Cloud Streaming Import Integration.

Oracle Eloqua Export Integration Improvement BETA

The Oracle Eloqua Export Integration (Beta) has been improved to enhance the Oracle Eloqua Output performance and resolve the timeout issue when exporting data to a specific list. This export integration now uses query by list name to validate the list existence instead of fetching all lists.

Learn more about Oracle Eloqua Export Integration.

Line via Crescendo Lab Export Integration BETA

LINE is in Asia what Facebook Messaging and Instagram are to US mobile users—a fast and easy way to communicate with friends and to discover new promotions about your favorite products and services. LINE is the number one mobile messaging platform in Taiwan. It is also one of the largest mobile messaging platforms in Japan and Thailand. Through Crescendo Labs MAAC API, we are developing an out-of-the-box integration to activate to LINE. It provides the following:

  • Ability to authenticate using API token.

  • Ability to upload members with tags.

  • Ability to create and update Segments with Line UIDs

Learn more about Line via Crescendo Lab Export Integration.

LinkedIn Export Integration Improvement BETA

Treasure Data has improved our LinkedIn Export Integration to increase match rates. The following additional fields are now supported:

  • google_aid

  • apple_idfa

  • first_name

  • last_name

  • title

  • country

Learn more about LinkedIn Export Integration.

Marketo Import Integration Improvement BETA

Treasure Data has improved the Marketo Import Integration by adding the data source Program Members. With this new data source, you can import members of all or specific programs from Marketo to Treasure Data database by providing the program ID list.

The existing source Members by Program is renamed to Leads by Program to help distinguish between existing and new data sources.

Learn more about Marketo Import Integration.

Salesforce Pardot Export Integration Improvement BETA

Treasure Data has improved the Salesforce Pardot Export Integration by supporting the ability to insert a large batch of prospects using only emails to specific lists and removing them using parallel processing.

Learn more about Salesforce Pardot Export Integration.

Treasure Workflow: Wait Operator

The Workflow Wait operator can be used to wait for a specified duration in the workflow. This is useful when you would like to introduce a delay in processing the current task by explicitly waiting for a specified duration before continuing the execution.

Learn more about Workflow Control and Functional Operators.

GA Releases

Policy-based Permission for Authentication at a Granular Level

This feature enables our customers to secure their data integrations by provisioning fine-grained controls for authentications at an individual authentication level or at a global level, depending on their business needs.

Learn more about Setting Authentications Permissions in TD Console.


Master Segment Workflow Moving to Hive 2/Tez

In mid-August Treasure Data transitioned toward the Hive 2/Tez engine version for all Master Segments. Coming in September, Treasure Data fully removes Hive Engine Version “Hive 0.13” from its Master Segment configuration view, and no longer allows you to choose the Hive Engine version. All Master Segments thereafter deterministically run in the latest Hive 2/Tez engine. If your Master Segment is currently configured with Hive 0.13, it will be automatically updated to Hive 2/Tez by the system when we make the engine version non-selectable. 

Azure Data Lake Import Integration BETA

Azure Data Lake Storage is a data lake solution to support the processing of your big data. With this connector, you can import parquet files from your Azure Data Lake Storage into Treasure Data to consolidate with other data sources in the CDP.

Data Landing Areas Integration

Data Landing is an intermediate storage area using SFTP within the Treasure Data ecosystem. This intermediate storage area provides the capacity for compliance with corporate security policies that you might have in place and helps to avoid extra efforts in procuring intermediate storage solutions when integrating your data with Treasure Data.