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  • Folder-Based Permissions - Now you can flexibly organize segments (and corresponding marketing data e.g., journeys, activations, and predictive models) in the form of folder trees and control governance at an individual folder level. Learn more about folder-based permissions.

  • Advanced Segment Editor - We redesigned the whole segmentation experience by (1) introducing an intuitive and interactive rule builder, (2) supporting the ability to define a more complex, realistic set of segmentation rules with a combination of AND/OR operators, (3) enabling users to group and organize a number of attributes depending on their characteristics and finally supporting timestamps in wider segmentation scenarios. Learn more about Segment Editor.

  • Journeys (Formerly known as Funnels) - Journey Dashboards are now available for marketers to track the effectiveness of a journey by easily viewing how customers are moving through the journey stages. Learn more about Journeys.

  • Localization - Japanese localization is now available for our new Audience Studio (v5) console, which will improve user experience through localization of the console for non-native English users.

  • Predictive Scoring - With enhanced usability, you will now see two separate tabs for Model Performance & Predictive Scores, and the new user-friendly UI guides you “what to do next” from model creation to scoring. Model Performance also becomes available right after training an ML model. Learn more about Predictive Scoring.

  • A/B Testing - Easily split customers from a batch segment into multiple groups so that you can run A/B test campaigns and compare the performance of the campaigns. Learn more about A/B Testing.

Learn more about our new Audience Studio. To participate in this beta, contact your Customer Success representative.

Schema Annotation Events for Premium Audit Log BETA


Learn more about Verizon Media Export Integration. To participate in this beta, contact your Customer Success representative.

Amazon S3.v2 Export Integration BETA