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  • Create buckets: Create and name a bucket that stores data.
  • Storing data: Store an infinite amount of data in a bucket.

Differences between Amazon S3 Export Integration v2 and Amazon S3 Export Integration v1

Review information in the following table to understand the differences and potential advantages between v2 and v1.

FeatureAmazon S3 v2Amazon S3 v1
Server-side Encryption with Customer Master Key (CMK)
stored in AWS Key Management Service
Support for Quote Policy for output data formatX

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Table of Contents
excludeWhat can you do with this Integration?


Numbered Headings
Open TD Console.
Navigate to Integrations Hub Catalog.
Search for S3 and select
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Select Create Authentication.

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Type the credentials to authenticate:


S3 service endpoint override. You can find region and endpoint information from AWS Document. (Ex.

 When specified will override region setting
RegionAWS Region
Authentication Methodbasic
  • Uses access_key_id and secret_access_key to authenticate. See AWS Programmatic access.

    • Access Key ID

    • Secret access key

session (Recommended)
  • Uses temporary-generated access_key_id, secret_access_key and session_token.

    • Access Key ID

    • Secret access key

    • Secret token

anonymousNot Support
Access Key IDAWS S3 issued
Secret Access KeyAWS S3 issued

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Select Continue
Type a name for your connection.
Select Done.