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Include a bulleted list (at least two bullets) of what the customer can do with the integration. 

PRD Use Cases Example

Use Cases

  • As a marketing operator, I want to incrementally send segmented user attributes to Braze, where I can easily create the segments based on this information for targeting correct consumers.

  • As a data engineer, I want to automatically map the custom Ids of the consumers to Braze unidentified users so that I can facilitate multiple marketing tools on the marketing campaign

  • As a marketing operator, I want to remove opt-out consumers from the list on Braze to provide the matching privacy level for the target consumers.

PRODUCT MANAGERS: Please condense the use cases into easily consumed bullets.

Technical Writer Final Version

  • Map external ids: For example, you can map ids from your CRM system to the Braze user account. 

  • Opt-out: When an end-user updates the consent choosing not to participate.

  • Upload your own tracking of events, purchases, or custom profile attributes. This information can help you build precise customer segments that enhance the user experience for your campaigns.

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