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If a user has Full Controlpermission for a parent folder, the user automatically gets Full Control permission for all the child folders. However, If an administrator assigns view permissions for one of the child folders to the user with another policy, the user still has Full Control permission for the child folders.

Administer Folder Permissions in Treasure Data


Numbered Headings
Log in to the TD Console (v4).
Navigate to Control Panel > Policies.
Select a policy.
Select the Permissions tab and scroll down to Audience Studio.
Select a master segment and then select Add.
To update the master segment, select the pencil icon to make edits.

The pop-up displays all of the folders associated with the master segment.

Choose one of the following:
  • Set permissions for all folders (including child folders) in the selected segment. 
  • Set permissions for each individual folder.
Select Save to apply your permissions.