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Numbered Headings
Open TD Console.
Navigate to Audience Studio select the parent segment and segment for which you want to set up the A/B test.
Right-click on the segment and select Create A/B test
4. Edit the details in the Create A/B Test modal. Select Create.
A/B test name

Name of the A/B test


The test name must only contain alphanumeric characters, spaces, and _.

After the test segments have been created, you can rename them using other characters (i.e. Japanese)

Number of variantsbetween 2-5
% of total to testPercentage of the segment you want to test 1-100% (evenly between the variants)
Stable ID field

Assignment is determined by the value of this attribute.

i.e. td_client_id

 A folder for the A/B test is created in the tree. The name shows as <original batch segment name>-<A/B test name>.
 Open the folder and you can see the test variant segments with the names showing as <variant>-<A/B test name>.
Create rules for each variant using the segment editor to create segment rules.
 Activations can be created for each variant to enable the testing of different campaigns.