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The TD JS SDK is a set of tools, libraries, relevant documentation, and code samples to allow you to create Treasure Data functionality. This list is the set of building blocks that allow for the creation of that Treasure Data functionality.

Table of Contents



  • config.database : String (required) - database name, must consist only of lower case letters, numbers, and _, must be longer than or equal to 3 chars, and the total length of database and table must be shorter than 129 chars.
  • config.writeKey : String (required) - write-only key, get it from your user profile
  • config.pathname : String (optional) - path to append after host. Default: /js/v3/events
  • : String (optional) - host to which events get sent. Default:
  • config.development : Boolean (optional) - triggers development mode which causes requests to be logged and not get sent. Default: false
  • config.logging : Boolean (optional) - enable or disable logging. Default: true
  • config.globalIdCookie : String (optional) - cookie td_globalid name. Default: _td_global
  • config.startInSignedMode : Boolean (optional) - Tell the SDK to default to Signed Mode if no choice is already made. Default: false
  • config.jsonpTimeout : Number (optional) - JSONP timeout (in milliseconds) Default: 10000
  • config.storeConsentByLocalStorage : Boolean (optional) - Tell the SDK to use localStorage to store user consent. Default: false