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Leveraging machine-learning techniques is crucial to efficiently and effectively understand customer data. Marketers who use TD do not need to be familiar with machine learning and data science. Especially, Propensity Models (a.k.a Lookalike Models) are popular approach to defining an important customer segment (ex. churned customers, high spenders, buyers, etc) and  learning from the distinctive characteristics of the sample population to predict who else in your entire customer-base is likely to exhibit the same actions.

Our predictive scoring enables you to enjoy machine-learning capability in your day-to-day activities with no technical or theoretical expertise. Marketers can predict profile behavior such as who is likely to churn, purchase, click, or convert in the near future.


  • non-ordered (nominal) like state, gender, etc.
  • ordered (ordinal) such as high, medium, or low temperaturestemperature