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Arm Treasure Data uses databases and tables. Each database can contain several tables. For Treasure Data, each table can belong to only one database. You can manage your Treasure Data tables and databases using one of the following interfaces:

  • TD Console

  • TD toolbeltToolbelt

You can use TD Console to manage your Treasure Data databases and tables.


The tables command lists the tables and number of records in each table for a given database.

Code Block
$ td tables test_db


Use the tables command without specifying a database name to list all the databases and tables that you have created. For example:


  1. Navigate to Workbench > Databases.

  2. Select a database.

  3. Select the table.

  4. Select ... > Table settings.

  5. Select Expire Data?

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  6. Type the number of days you would like to keep the data active.

  7. Select Submit.


The deleting a table removes a table and all the data stored within the table. This operation cannot be rolled back. The data is unrecoverable.

Table Delete Protection --You can prevent deletion of tables that contain critical data that your company requires to be maintained over time. The strict implementation of this feature prevents any user from running DELETE queries, deleting a table outright, or replacing the data within a table in any capacity. You can enable this feature on a per table basis by submitting a support request. Contact support or your account representatives with a list of tables you’d like to protect.