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Treasure Data is making some changes in how we approach release notes to make the process more intuitive. Moving forward we will publish releases at the end of the month, which will cover all the releases for that month. To help along in that transition, we are sharing a May 2021 Release Note 2.0 Part Two before we begin anew with the June 2021 Release Note released at the end of June.


Widget Connector

Table of Contents

Data Connectors Released

GA Releases

Braze Export Integration

This new connector sends a list of targeted end-users of the customer. In Braze, you can then configure ads to the targeted list that Treasure Data sent to Braze. Additionally, you can opt-out (delete end users from the existing list).

Learn more about Braze Export Integration.

Eloqua Export Integration Kaizen

This kaizen supports the map Custom Data Object to Contact option. You can select the source CDO column, contact map field, and case-sensitive option to perform the mapping when uploading CDOs.

Learn more about Eloqua Export Integration.

FB Conversion API Export Integration

This kaizen supports pre-hashed columns option to specify pre-hash columns (comma separated) to skip hashing for those columns when sending data to Facebook. Also, data sending from TD will have the user agent string “treasuredata” which is requested by Facebook to monitor the data sending source via Conversions API.

Learn more about Facebook Conversions API.

LinkedIn Export Integration

Synchronize or opt out a list of contacts or accounts to your LinkedIn DMP segments.

Learn more about LinkedIn Export Integration

Yahoo DMP Export Integration

This integration allows you to create advertising campaigns on Yahoo! Ads using a customized list of 1st party data from company websites and mission-critical systems related to Yahoo! DMP, including sending IDFA, AAID, or email to Yahoo! DMP to create direct or customer targeted user lists.

Learn more about Yahoo DMP Export Integration.

Google DDP Policy Segment Size Compliance Helper

To comply with Google’s Data Platform Policy requirements, the Google DDP Policy Segment Size Compliance helper ensures that no user list is sent with fewer than 100 records.

Beta Releases

Iterable Export Integration

You can now send a user list from Treasure Data to Iterable to subscribe or unsubscribe to a list in Iterable. The user identifier supports either an Iterable user id, an email, or a mobile number.

Learn more about Iterable Export Integration.

Oracle Netsuite Bronto Output Beta Kaizen

You can now add or replace the list action to enable a new contact list by creating an input list name and then replacing the list content by uploading the new list from the Treasure Data database.

Learn more about Oracle Netsuite Bronto Export Integration.


Master Segment Workflow to officially Supports Hive 2/Tez

Beginning in early June 2021 our most stable Hive 2/Tez query engine currently listed as “Experimental” in Master Segment will officially be made available as the primary query engine. After this change, “Hive 2/Tez” will be chosen by default for all newly created Master Segments. If you already have Master Segments running on Hive 0.13, this scheduled release changes none of them. Hence, we encourage you to manually switch the version from Hive 0.13 to 2/Tez to take advantage of the latest version. Our customer support and customer success representative will separately reach out to you for more information.