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Column nameTypeRequiredDescription of Expected Value
phone_numberStringoptionalE.g. +593979652820

transactional, onboarding, unconfirmed, unsub, bounce, active (default: onboarding)


manual, api, import, webform, sforcereport


A source you define that states where the contact came from.

fieldsArray JSONoptional

JSON or JSON array format with required fields: fieldId and content

list_idsComma-separated stringoptionalEThe comma-separated list of List API ID(s) can be found at the bottom of each list detail screen, e.g. "list1,list2,list3"list_id1,list_id2,list_id3". The lists in this call are incremental to lists the contact may already be on. This means contact will remain on any list(s) not specified in this call and is also added to lists you specify in this call.
msg_prefStringoptionalThe message preference for the contact. A contact can have a message preference of text or html. Only applies to adds. The message preference is ignored in the case of an update
sms_keyword_idsComma-separated stringoptionalAn array of the SMS keyword ids you want to subscribe the contact to.