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  • Twitter Ad Account ID (required): This is your Twitter Ad Account ID. See Appendix C for getting account id.

  • Tailored Audience Name (required): Name of Tailored Audience list to create.

    • Important note: If you have many Tailored Audience lists with similar names as this input, the latest Tailored Audience Name will be used. We recommend that you give your Tailored Audience list a unique name.

  • Audience type (require): Type of entry in the list. It is one of email, id, device id or handle.

  • No need to normalize and hash records (default false): Indicates whether the data has already been normalized and hashed. If not, TD automatically normalizes and hashes the records.

  • Skip on invalid records (default false):  Indicates whether invalid records should be ignored.
  • Mode (Default Update):  Operation type being performed (Update or Delete)
  • Retry limit (optional, default 6): Number of retries before it gives up.

  • Initial intervals in milliseconds between retries (optional, default 10000): Interval to retry if a recoverable error happens (in millisecond).

  • Maximum intervals in milliseconds between retries (optional, default to 32000) : Maximum time in milliseconds between retrying attempts.

  • Skip on Invalid Records? Ignore invalid records/errors and continue loading other records

Here is a sample configuration:

Image RemovedImage Added

Write the Query to Populate a Tailored Audience List