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You can send data from your Unity application to Treasure Data, using our Unity SDK library. In this way, you don't have to install anything on your server-side to track the mobile app activities.

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Install the Library

  1. Download the most recent version of our Unity package.

  2. Import it into your Unity project using Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.


The API key can be retrieved from the TD Console. It's recommended that you use the write-only API key for SDKs. Let us know if you’re having any build issues.


This SDK imports events in exactly once one style with the combination of these features.

  • This SDK keeps buffered events with by adding unique keys and retries to upload them until confirming the events are uploaded and stored on the server side (at least once)

  • The server side remembers the unique keys of all events within the past 1 hours by default and prevents duplicated imports (at most once)

As for the deduplication, the window is 1 hour by default, so it’s important not to keep buffered events more than 1 hour to avoid duplicated events.