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(Optional) Configure Export Results in CLI

To output the result of a single query to an S3 buck add the --result option to the td query command. After the job is finished, the results are written into your s3
You can specify detailed settings to export your S3 via --result parameter.



Example for CLI command for S3 (v2)

Code Block
td query \
--result '{"type":"s3_v2","auth_method":"basic","region":"us-east-2","access_key_id": "************","secret_access_key":"***************","bucket":"bucket_name","path":"path/to/file.csv","format":"csv","compression":"none","header":true,"delimiter":"default","null_value":"default","newline":"CRLF","quote_policy":"NONE","part_size":10}' \
-w -d testdb \
"SELECT 1 as col" -T presto