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These are the Treasure Data features and improvements released during the month of July 2021. 

As always, submit any product feature requests to

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Beta Releases

Azure Data Lake Import Integration BETA

Eloqua Export Integration Improvement BETA

Line via Crescendo Lab Export Integration BETA

LinkedIn Export Integration Improvement BETA

Marketo Import Integration Improvement BETA

Salesforce Pardot Export Integration Improvement BETA

SFTP (v2) Export Integration BETA

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GA Releases


Master Segment Workflow Moving to Hive 2/Tez

In mid-August transitioned toward Hive 2/Tez engine version for all Master Segments. Coming in September, Treasure Data fully removes Hive Engine Version “Hive 0.13” from its Master Segment configuration view, and no longer allows you to choose Hive Engine version. All Master Segments thereafter deterministically run in the latest Hive 2/Tez engine. If your Master Segment is currently configured with Hive 0.13, it will be automatically updated to Hive 2/Tez by the system when we make the engine version non-selectable.