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  • Basic Knowledge of Treasure Data

  • Basic knowledge of Treasure Data CLI

  • Basic knowledge of Salesforce Commerce Cloud
  • Basic knowledge of Open Commerce Cloud API
  • Commerce Cloud Account Manager System Access



  • Incremental loading is only supported for Creation Date, not Modified Date
  • A large volume of data may cause low performance
  • In preview mode, the connector does not support generating the detailed data preview because of time restrictions on fetching the data preview.


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Navigate to the Salesforce Cloud Commerce UI and login. For example, Account Manager UI.

Select API Client.

Select Add API Client.

Type values for:
    • Display Name
    • Password
    • Confirm Password
Select Access Control to enable it.
In the Organizations area, select your organization.
In the Roles area, select Add.
Select the appropriate role. For example, Sandbox API User.

Select Add.
After the role is added, select all the sandboxes associated with it.

Select Add.
Scroll down to Open ID Connect.
Add Default Scopes:
    • mail
    • roles
    • tenantFilter
    • profile
Add Redirect URI. For example:

 Scroll Scroll totheToken Endpoint Auth Methodsection.
Select client_secret_basic.
Select JWT for Access Token Format.

Select Save.

You are taken back to theAPI Clientscreen.

Write down or save in a secure location the API Client ID and Password.

These are used as Authentication credentials to integrate with your SFCC instance.


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Open Business Manager. For example:


Select Administration.
Select Open Commerce API Settings.

Select Type as Data.

The configuration for Data API appears.

Type or copy the following into the text field:
Code Block
{ "_v": "21.6", "clients": [ { "client_id": "your_api_client_id", "resources": [ { "methods": [ "get", "post", "put", "patch", "delete" ], "read_attributes": "(**)", "write_attributes": "(**)", "resource_id": "/**" } ] } ] }
For Select Context choose Global (organization-wide).

Select Save.
Wait for at least 3 minutes.

Your API Client is ready to be used with Data API and Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud connector.


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Open Open TD Console.
Navigate to to Integrations Hub   >  Catalog.
Search for and select Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud.

Choose Create Authentication.

The following dialog opens:

Type or select the required information:

API Client ID

Key which you got after create your application on Commerce Cloud's Account Manager Application.

API Client Password

The password for your API Client when you create on Commerce Cloud's Account Manager Application.

Base URI

URL for accessing your Business Manager Application. Example value

Type a name for your connection.

Select Continue.