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Segmentation is the activity of filtering a collection of customer or account profiles. Within Treasure Data, you can create segments in the Audience Studio, based on the touch point from any channel.

You can create two types of segments from your master segment:

Batch Segments

Real-time Segments

Batch segments

Batch segments are created using historical data from across a variety of different sources and are defined by specific attributes and behaviors. Batch segments are based on the most recent Master Segment refresh. This type of segment can be exported to marketing tools and advertising platforms as well as enable real-time web personalization using the Profiles API.

Real-time segments 

Real-time segments are created using streaming behaviors and historical data (by referencing attributes or batch segments). Real-time segmentation enables deeper customers insights and activations in real-time. This type of segment provides opportunities for companies to be more responsive to their customers no matter where they are in the customer journey, specifically real-time web personalization using the TD JS SDK and Profiles API.


  • If you know you need to filter based on an array type, use batch segments. Real-time segmentation does not support filtering based on array types.

  • Real time segments can only support aggregations within a 24 hour time window. Aggregations greater than 24 hours can be supported in batch segments.

  • Real time segmentation only supports behaviors ingested from the TD JS SDK.

  • Real time segmentation is limited to a more narrow range of segmentation logic.

Use Cases

Use CaseSegment TypeMethod

Sending emails to customers from a particular demographic who have visited your website 3 or more times in the past month.

BatchActivations to external email campaign platform 

Offering particular incentives on the website to customers who have visited your website 3 or more times in the past month.

BatchProfiles API
Offering product recommendations to customers after they have just viewed a specific product.RealTD JS SDK and Profiles API

Learn more about creating segments in this video:

Learn more about working with segment:

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