This article supports Audience Studio - Legacy.

Segment folders help you organize your work and create groupings that reflect your day-to-day processes.

Creating Folders

  1. Navigate to Audience Studio > Segments.

  2. From the Create Batch Segment action menu, select Create Folder.

  3. Type the name you would like to give to the folder.

  4. Select Create.

Moving Segments to Folders

  1. From the Create Batch Segment action menu, select Move Segments to Folder.

  2. Select the source folder and all of its segments display.

  3. Select one of the segments to move.

  4. Select the destination folder where you would like to segment to be moved.

  5. Select Move.

Renaming Folders

  1. Select a folder.

  2. Click on menu options

  3. Select Rename Folder and type a name for the folder.

Deleting a Segment Folder

  1. Select a folder

  2. Select menu options

  3. Select Delete Folder. You can delete a segment folder only if it contains no segments.

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