This article supports Audience Studio - Legacy.

One of the challenges of targeting customers with relevant campaigns is understanding where they are in their customer journey. Knowing where customers are in this journey allows organizations to create campaigns and analyze customer behaviors that are specific to individual customers or customer groups. Many organizations use the traditional marketing funnel to understand where their customers are in the buying process. Being able to use all available customer data to accurately identify exactly in which stage customers are gives marketers a clear advantage.

Treasure Data offers Funnels, a premium subscription feature in Audience Studio, which provides this advantage to its users. Funnels makes it easier for marketers to see exactly where their customers are in the customer journey, allowing them to create more customer-tailored marketing campaigns using multi-channel activations.

The Funnels feature allows marketers to create and customize a funnel with up to 8 stages in the Audience Studio to reflect the exact buying experience of their customers. After the Funnel stages have been created, marketers can further analyze and refine the stages and activate specific stages for campaigns.

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