Data placement is where you can indicate the Treasure Data database and table to use to store the data that you are importing for a particular data source. You can have multiple data sources that all use the same database and table for data placement.

You also need to choose whether to

  • append

  • replace

data in the Treasure Data table each time data is imported.

Typically, you are also able to select a time-based partition key and the timezone to use within the Treasure Data table.

Data storage is one of the things that you can do on the Data Placement page.

To define or edit your data storage settings

  1. Open TD Console.

  2. Navigate to Integrations Hub > Sources.

  3. Locate the data source for which you want to edit scheduling.

  4. Select the ellipsis.


  5. Select Edit.

  6. In the Edit Source dialog, select Next to get to Data Placement.

  7. Select an existing database or Create New Database. If you choose to create a database, you must also create a new table.

  8. Select an existing table or Create New Table.

  9. Select one of the following:

    • Append

    • Replace

  10. Typically, you can only select time as the partition key.

  11. Select the time zone that you want used for your data stored within Treasure Data.

  12. Select Save & Run Now or Save.

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