Treasure Data wants to help you unify all your customer data to create and optimize personalized experiences across the customer journey.

Treasure Data offers a cloud-based analytics platform for customer data and for management of data for the Internet of Things (IoT). Our platform delivers continuous data integration of end-to-end data pipeline data through easily accessed interfaces.

Using our seamless interface, you can bring in raw data or other types of data from various sources, you can run queries against the data, set up workflows to manage the data, and create data models from your customer data. You can segment your customer data and export your data for use in campaigns or to be further enhanced by other vendor applications.

The Challenge

Overabundance of data is now a ubiquitous problem across all departments and industries. Due to the proliferation of smartphones, social media, and device sensors, data is increasing exponentially both in terms of volume, velocity, and variety.

Businesses today are trying to find valuable insights from their data, but face challenges:

  • Siloed customer data. For marketing and product to deliver optimized user experiences, companies must have a single, unified view of each customer

  • Leveraging data from IoT devices, IT organizations are tasked with managing the scale of data and look to reliably collect and analyze

  • Getting that data to the right person or system, with timeliness that ensures maximal impact

Treasure Data meets the challenge by providing unified customer data — on both behavior and attributes — and an infrastructure that robustly scales without needing to hire an ever larger team of infrastructure engineers. Treasure Data enables companies to deliver the right experience at the right time.

Collect, Explore, and Activate Data

Using the Treasure Data platform, you can query and enrich the data, build workflows that orchestrate complex processes, and deliver transformed results in a variety of formats to data stores and applications on premise or in the cloud. You can focus on your data analytics, while letting Treasure Data manage server scaling, storage, infrastructure, and security.

The Treasure Data platform offers:

  • Instant setup.

  • Infinite cloud storage capacity, with high availability.

  • Easy to use, and does not require deep knowledge of “Big Data” technologies. You focus on your data and analytics instead of cluster management.

  • Elastic resource allocation that can be scaled up or down at any time.

  • Ingestion Flexibility to your existing data sources and analytics applications without architectural changes. Including connectivity to the large swath of Marketing and Business SaaS applications and tools.

  • Activation with Ease Connect directly to BI Tools for reporting, marketing and sales tools for delivering insights to team members in the field, or use our Profiles API for optimizing experiences in your IoT or Marketing experience in real-time.

Treasure Data is performance-optimized and secure.

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